Over the past decade or so we’ve lost a couple of good friends… to the Netherlands. They moved over for work or for love and ended up staying for years. And we can totally understand why: this small country in Western Europe is a lovely, friendly, clean and safe place to live. One of our friends recently moved back to Finland, but during the years we ended up visiting them quite a few times. Recently, not only as friends and tourists, but also as travel bloggers.

July 3, 2016
Peace Palace and beautiful flowers in The Hague

Canal Cruises, Good Food And The Amazing Race In The Hague

Our main reason for visiting The Hague in The Netherlands this spring was to celebrate the milestone birthday of two dear friends, but luckily we also […]
May 20, 2016
Loved these! We didn't, however, fight. Not even pillow fight. But it's nice of them to give us the chance to!

CitizenM Amsterdam: Endulge In Uniqueness (And Transparent Toilet Cubicles)

We two have travelled together for over a decade now. What we’ve discovered during those years is that there’s really no better way of getting to […]