Duluth: John F. Kennedy at Greysolon Plaza in 1963
Day 15: JFK in Duluth, 1963
December 15, 2016
Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor at the location of 12 Years A Slave
Day 17: 12 Years A Slave, New Orleans
December 17, 2016
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Day 16: The 100, British Columbia

Sceneframing The 100 on location near Vancouver, British Columbia

The 100 is filmed in British Columbia, Canada, north from Vancouver.

Yesterday one of our favorite shows, CW’s The 100, released a new trailer. In our excitement we went digging for some sceneframes we did during our previous trip to British Columbia. ‘Lo and behold, we have a cool set of The 100 locations stories and photos in store and here’s the very first one of them!

Sceneframing The 100 on location near Vancouver, British Columbia

The 100 is filmed in British Columbia, Canada, north from Vancouver.

The story about how we got there is quite a ridiculous one, now that we’re safe and looking back to it. Why? Because we’re like 97,3% sure that we were tresspassing on private property. Even though the coordinates were posted somewhere online, it took us quite a while to find the exact right spot. We even managed to go to the wrong beach first. It took us two trips north the coastal highway from Vancouver and two veeeery looooong walkabouts to finally reach the right bay.

And when we got there… we noticed the “NO TRESSPASSING” signs all around and panicked.

“We really shouldn’t be here. They’re going to shoot us.”

But then we thought about all the extremely uncomfortable miles we’d walked just to get there. We just couldn’t leave without the sceneframes, no way. So we took a few and practically ran away as silently as we could.

More about visiting The 100 locations later!

Out of respect towards the owners, we’d like to do two things now: 1) We’d like to say sorry for walking on your private beach. It was lovely, though. 2) We discourage anyone from going as it’s clearly a private beach and not a very welcoming place at that. Instead, why not take a lovely drive along the coast or even take a ride in the Sea to Sky Gondola? You’ll get to see Mount Weather and many other The 100 locations from a bird’s eye view! It’s really worth it, we swear!

The 100 locations in Vancouver, British Columbia

Our advent calendar will feature movie & TV sceneframes and short stories from filming locations we’ve visited during our Fangirl Quest years. You can follow the calendar by checking back in the Advent Calendar tag and check out all the movie locations in this handy map, updated as we go!

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