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Charmed By The Last Five Years: The Musical!
November 28, 2016
A scene from Raiders of the Lost arc, filmed at San Francisco CIty Hall.
Day 2: Indiana Jones, San Francisco
December 2, 2016
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Day 1: Third Star, Barafundle Bay

Benedict Cumberbatch on a Third Star filming location

Benedict Cumberbatch in Third Star... and our very first sceneframe of all times!

It all started in June 2013. We set out on a roadtrip across the UK, all the way up to Northern Wales and Scotland. We had planned a route full of filming locations and even some historical sites connected to the Arthurian legend. The first movie stop of our trip, however, was the stunning Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Thanks to Tiia’s obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch and one of his most heartbreaking performances, we needed to go where the guys on Third Star went.

If you ever see the movie, you’ll understand why.

Benedict Cumberbatch on a Third Star filming location

Benedict Cumberbatch in Third Star… and our very first sceneframe of all times!

That’s where we took our first ever sceneframing photo. There was sunshine, there were heavy reflections and we were total amateurs at this. So you can clearly see where we got the lines wrong and all… But it doesn’t really matter. This is basically what started our whole blog, got us on BuzzFeed and RadioTimes and brought on the amazing years of geeky travels.

That makes it a pretty meaningful photo and location.

Read the full story and see more photos from Barafundle Bay here! The map below will take you to our Advent Calendar Google map.

Barafundle Bay, filming location for Third Star (2010)

Barafundle Bay, filming location for Third Star (2010)

Our advent calendar will feature movie & TV sceneframes and short stories from filming locations we’ve visited during our Fangirl Quest years. You can follow the calendar by checking back in the Advent Calendar tag and check out all the movie locations in this handy map, updated as we go!

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Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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  1. SarahK says:

    Awww I love it!! I was wondering when and how you guys got started. Im not one of those crazy Cumberbitches but I do think he’s very talented. Will check out the film if I can get my hands on it ?

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