What is Fangirl Quest?

Fangirl Quest — A travel blog about film tourism: discovering new and exciting destinations through movies and TV shows.
Fangirl Quest started out as a popular photo blog featuring so called Sceneframing photos from famous filming locations. Since then, we’ve expanded into travel stories about city stays, nature wonders and other adventure travels. We take pride in our high quality content and professional photos.
Looking to contact us? Email: info@fangirlquest.com

The bloggers

Tiia has worked in the creative industry all her life. She’s a professional photographer, but has also worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, copywriter, marketing assistant and a TV host (see this is her website!). Tiia's also a partner in a marketing company called Badasserie. She does all the visual stuff for Fangirl Quest. She loves her little dog, ketchup and Tom Hardy above all.

Tiia on social media:

Satu is super experienced in travel managing and event organizing. She’s the one who plans most of Fangirl Quest’s journeys from the very first day to the very last. This includes planning the roadtrip routes, flights, schedules and of course, the bookings. Satu’s favorite things include salted caramel cheesecake, diet coke and Andrew Lincoln.

Our audience

We write in both English and Finnish for a wide audience around the world (top countries being the US and the UK, Finland, Canada + a the biggest European countries), and have been repeatedly featured on newspapers, magazines and entertainment websites all over the world. Tiia’s personal Finnish blog lives over at Iltalehti.fi (blogit.iltalehti.fi/tiia-ohman) one of the biggest online medias in Finland. Her blog posts and travel reports get regularly featured on the front page of the travel section.

Previous collaborations

Our previous collaborations include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Hertz, Netflix, Tourism Northern Ireland, Explore Minnesota, Icelandair, Mall of America, FOX Finland, Visit Britain, Visit Wales, Visit Sweden and a few other amazing tourism authorities, hotels and other companies. We LOVE what we do and learn a lot about successful collaborations through each wonderful project!

Film tourism

We started out as fans traveling to filming locations of famous movies and TV shows, but during our years of research, adventures and keeping in touch with fellow fans and geeks, we now have a vast knowledge on film tourism. We have a good grip on both sides of it: what makes screen tourism attractive to travelers and how the travel businesses should embrace and exploit it to drive more revenue and visitors to their destination and/or product. Due to our experience, we’ve done presentations and participated in film tourism panels at several conventions and conferences.

Media coverage

Apart from being interviewed on national Finnish morning tv twice, Fangirl Quest and our sceneframes have been featured in several media outlets, including BuzzFeed, La Vanguardia, Le Monde, TechInsider, Yahoo, BBC, CBS, Stern and many, many more. Even Ashton Kutcher shared our photos with his 17,5 million followers on Facebook!

We have pinned some of the articles about Fangirl Quest on this Pinterest board.

You can listen to our BBC4 radio interview here, watch TRT World's news feature about the Bath Film Festival and Fangirl Quest here or a short clip from the same festival on Vimeo.