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A photographer & a travel expert blogging about their film inspired adventures and other amazing journeys.

Fangirl Quest started out as a popular photo blog featuring so called Sceneframing photos from famous filming locations. Since then, we’ve expanded into travel stories about city adventures, nature wonders and all sorts of alternative ways of travel. We take pride in our high quality content, professional photos and fun stories.

We write in both English and Finnish for a wide audience around the world (top countries being the US and the UK, Finland, France and Canada), and have been repeatedly featured on newspapers, magazines and entertainment websites all over the world. Our blog in Finnish lives over at Iltalehti.fi, one of the biggest online medias in Finland.

Since we launched our official website in November 2014, we’ve been featured in major newspapers and on entertainment websites all over the world. Even Ashton Kutcher shared our photos with his 17,5 million followers on Facebook!

Our previous collaborations include Netflix, FOX Finland, VisitBritain, VisitSweden and a few other amazing companies.

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The Team


Satu Walden

Co-founder, Travel Manager, Copywriter, Driver, Holder of iPad

Satu is super experienced in travel managing and event organizing. She's the one who plans most of Fangirl Quest's journeys from the very first day to the very last. This includes planning the roadtrip routes, flights, dates and schedules and of course, the bookings. Satu's favorite things include salted caramel cheesecake, diet coke and Andrew Lincoln.


Tiia Öhman

Co-founder, Copywriter, Photographer, Graphic Designer

Tiia has worked in the creative industry all her life. She's a professional photographer, but has also made a living as a freelance journalist, graphic designer, illustrator and marketing assistant. She does all the visual stuff for Fangirl Quest. She loves her little dog, ketchup and Mads Mikkelsen above all.

Our Photography


It was our Sceneframing photography that first went viral, but we've always aimed at having high quality photos to go with our travel stories. We try to capture the most beautiful side of all the places we travel to, so that people can see what it is we loved about those destinations so much. Tiia's vast experience in photography before our Quest has naturally been a huge help in making it happen.

You can browse some of our photos, as well as short stories behind them, in our photo portfolio.



Apart from being interviewed on national Finnish television (twice! Madness!), Fangirl Quest and our sceneframes have inspired several photo articles on entertainment websites and blogs all over the world. Here are a few links to stories written about us:

 In English:

Belfast Live / Buzzfeed 1 / Buzzfeed 2 / DailyMail / Empire Magazine (tweet) / WalesOnline / Gloucester Citizen / DoctorWho Official Tumblr / RadioTimes / The Daily Dot / All Geek To Me / Bridgend Bites / The Fandom Biz / Mel Loves Travels / Trendhunter / and many many more...


Stern (German) / ETToday (Chinese) / YLE (Finnish) / Helsingin Sanomat (Finnish) / Stara.fi onetwo (Finnish) / Tilt.fi (Finnish) / Nörttitytöt (Finnish) / Mama Caffè / IL (Finnish) / Voice.fi (Finnish) / Smack The Jack (Finnish) / B92 (Serbian) / Random Girl (Portuguese) / Observateur (French) / Madmoizelle (French) / Grazia (French)

"Working with Fangirl Quest is so much fun! They’re super creative, passionate, talented and unique."

Essi Suomela / Spaceboy Ltd

Hire us!

If you're looking for creative storytellers to work with, you've come to the right place! Have a look at a few examples of what we can offer to our partners. 

Content marketing and blogger trips: We're easy to work with and always deliver what we promise. We can highlight the adventure and cultural side of your destination, plus of course any film & TV related details. If you're looking to promote a product, please contact us and we can discuss ideas for social media and content marketing.

Sponsorship: We offer sponsorship packages for those who want to sponsor a specific journey, which means you'll get to present your business next to our popular filming location & adventure travels. Ask about our ideas!  

Event coverage: We've been to many filming sets and red carpet premieres along with all sorts of fan events and other gatherings. We'll happily write about your event and deliver high quality photos to go with the stories.

Other work: Travel tips and planning, social media takeovers, photography, graphic design, copywriting, illustrations, t-shirt and product designs, plus event speaking & workshops on many of the topics mentioned before.

Sound good? Please contact us (info@fangirlquest.com) for further details and to request a presskit.