• Travel photo tips: A lovely, foggy day on Highway 1, California (2014)
  • Travel photo tips: Beautiful Florence, filming location for Hannibal
  • People climbing on top of the sign for better photos

Photography Tips: How To Take Better Travel Photos

A couple of months ago I was invited to share my photo tips in Canon's Finnish blog. They have a great collection of all sorts of tips and tricks for photographers, both rookies and the more [...]

  • Prisma – Art Filters and Photo Effects for Images, Picture Editor for Instagram
  • Prisma – Art Filters and Photo Effects for Images, Picture Editor for Instagram
  • Prisma – Art Filters and Photo Effects for Images, Picture Editor for Instagram

Ok, So The Prisma Photo App Is Sort Of Cool

This morning, I woke up, had my usual two huge cups of milky coffee and had a quick look on Facebook. Scroll, scroll, scroll... Oh, look at that! A pretty fine painted portrait of my friend. [...]

  • Roadtrip across the USA: crossing a bridge somewhere
  • Roadtrip across the USA: driving into the dust storm
  • Roadtrip across the USA: someone in our rearview mirror

Roadtrips — Why Do We Love Them So Much?

FQ movie roadtrip 2014: Approaching NYC Every now and then, I scroll down on our blog's front page to look at the countdown to one of our biggest roadtrips ever, and a mixture of [...]

  • Peace Palace and beautiful flowers in The Hague
  • A swan / canal cruise in The Hague

Canal Cruises, Good Food And The Amazing Race In The Hague

Our main reason for visiting The Hague in The Netherlands this spring was to celebrate the milestone birthday of two dear friends, but luckily we also had time to take a quick touristy look at the [...]

  • Gillian Anderson in A Street Car Named Desire: West End cheap tickets and stage door tips
  • James McAvoy in The Ruling Class / West End ticket tips
  • Kevin Spacey as Clarence Darrow: West End cheap tickets and stage door tips

London Theatre Tips For TV Fans and Budget Travellers

We've both been into theatre for years and years, even before moving to Wales (and being closer to London's West End), but during our time living in Wales and multiple times of travelling in the UK, we've [...]

  • British guys looking at a Finnish boat at Vesijärvi, Lahti, Finland

Midsummer Traditions With Our British Friends

What a lovely Midsummer weekend and a roadtrip to the Koli National Park we had! Our guests for the week (Karl from Wales and James from England) absolutely loved the Finnish Midsummer traditions. We saw hundreds [...]

  • Tiia and Satu (sort of) lost in the Star Wars forest Puzzlewood
  • Leonardo DaVinci (Tom Riley) in Puzzlewood
  • Galavant (Joshua Sasse) and King Richard (Timothy Omundson) adventuring through forest Puzzlewood

Puzzlewood: A Magical Star Wars Forest

What is this magical forest that attracts all kinds of talented filmmakers? The makers of Star Wars, Doctor Who and many others, they've all been down to a forest called Puzzlewood to film some of their most [...]

  • Anton Yelchin, dead at 27

Anton Yelchin And Why No-One Should Judge A Mourning Fan

Everyone knows how it goes. A celebrity dies and all the social media platforms explode. News websites, even some people who'd never seen any of their movies or listened to their music, rush into sharing the [...]

  • USA Canada Iceland roadtrip 2016

Roadtrip 2016 Update: 2 Months To Go, So Much To Do!

Preparing for our 8-week roadtrip is slowly starting to feel like a full-time job. Even when we're not googling filming locations, accommodation info and roadtrip packing tips, it feels like I'm spending half my waking hours [...]

  • The Great Movie Roadtrip 2016: a roadtrip to movie locations

Coming up: The Great Movie Roadtrip of 2016!

8 weeks, 4 countries and 10 000 kilometers. In other words: The Great Movie Roadtrip of 2016! We recently published the map and destinations of our upcoming movie and TV roadtrip on our Facebook [...]

  • The event center called Millennium Centre Cardiff and tourists visiting Wales

Geek Out In Cardiff, Wales: Filming Locations & Things To Do

If you're into the BBC fan favourites like Sherlock, Doctor Who and Torchwood, you might want to consider a trip to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. Not only is it currently the home for the incredible [...]

  • Star Wars Force Awakens filming location: Puzzlewood

41 Amazing Filming Locations You Can Visit

As many of you know, our travels are often based on discovering filming locations of our favourite shows and movies. Sometimes, we end up lost in a muddy forest and never find what we're looking for, [...]

  • Loved these! We didn't, however, fight. Not even pillow fight. But it's nice of them to give us the chance to!

CitizenM Amsterdam: Endulge In Uniqueness (And Transparent Toilet Cubicles)

We two have travelled together for over a decade now. What we've discovered during those years is that there's really no better way of getting to know your friend than sitting in a car together and [...]

  • Satu, Matt, Tiia, Richard and Johanna at Asylum 16

The Supernatural Family In Asylum 16 Photos

This year, Birmingham's very own Supernatural convention was bigger than ever. Rumours of up to 3,000 attendees circulated online before the big weekend as some of the show's brightest stars were confirmed as guests. Here's our report, some happy memories [...]

Supernatural Cast At Asylum 16 (But Is There More To Life Than Celebrities?)

Dear cast of Supernatural, This is a letter for you, but I have to start with something that has bothered me for a while now. A few weeks ago, I spent an evening with a very dear, [...]

Doctor Faustus Starring Kit Harington: Wow, What A Play!

We had no idea what we were walking into. We just knew it was going to be Kit "Jon Snow" Harington on a West End theatre stage, and that really was reason enough for us to [...]

The Perfect Weekend In London For A Group Of Friends

If you have a fun group of friends with slightly different interests, here's the perfect way of planning a weekend in London: try a little bit of everything. We managed to get together for a fun [...]

One Aldwych London: Luxury, Location & A Private Cinema

Although we usually stick with the slightly more affordable options while travelling – especially when on a two-month roadtrip – it's sometimes so very nice to experience a little luxury. While visiting London with our blogger group, we [...]

  • Game of Thrones roadtrip in Northern Ireland

The Ultimate Game Of Thrones Roadtrip In Northern Ireland

Our Game of Thrones roadtrip around Northern Ireland took less than four days, but covered over a dozen Game Of Thrones filming locations and much of the coastal area. We started early each morning and drove around [...]

The World’s Biggest Sauna!

Something exciting is happening in Espoo, Finland: the world's biggest sauna is being built. After the grand opening on April 23rd, up to 300 people will be able to share the experience in the 310m2 (approx. [...]

A Beautiful Tour & Afternoon Tea At The Royal Albert Hall

If you're looking for a healthy dose of mind-blowing artistry, impressive architecture and delicious afternoon tea (with bubbles!) in London, the Royal Albert Hall is the place to go. We spent a few lovely hours inside enjoying [...]

Game of Thrones: The Hall Of Faces Exhibition Helsinki

Woohooo! Finland finally got their own Game of Thrones Exhibition! We went and partied with HBO Nordic on the night before the opening. The exhibition takes place in a huge tent smack in the middle of [...]

  • Adele live in London O2 2016

Adele Live At O2 In Photos

A few months ago, Adele's four concerts at London's O2 were announced and with our friend Essi, we mentally prepared for the ticket battle. Seeing Adele live on stage had been on both of our bucket [...]

  • London Street Art

London Street Art & Graffiti In Photos

We spent a weekend in London with our super fun blogger group called We Make Things Happen - our first official blogger group trip ever! - and the name seems to fit like a glove: we, [...]

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