When Your Noble Blogging Intentions Completely Fail…

When we started planning this trip back in January, we had this perfect working holiday in mind: crazy long days of seeing stuff and writing as we go. Travel tips for our followers, photos for those [...]

  • Misha Collins on the set of Supernatural in Vancouver on Sept 28th 2016

Supernatural Filming Season 12 In Vancouver: Photos!

We spent all day yesterday with a bunch of fellow Supernatural fans in the streets of Vancouver watching our favorite show being filmed and meeting some of the stars of it in the process. And it [...]

Yellowstone Wildlife In Photos

We've reached Calgary and had a fantastic day yesterday on our movie location roadtrip with the Calgary International Film Festival, BassBus and Fargo locations manager Robert Hilton. So much fun! We had a great group with really [...]

First Time Ever In Yellowstone: Mindblowing

Heeeelloooo from Yellowstone! We can't believe we're really here!  We've been meaning to write more blog posts already from the road (instead of having about 10,000 photos and stories to sort through afterwards), but it's been [...]

  • Elding Whale Watching Cruise Iceland

Braving The Stormy Seas For A Whale Watching Tour In Iceland

When our stopover in Iceland was confirmed, one of the first things we looked up & booked was the Elding Whale Watching Tour. It was something Satu had wanted to do for all her life but [...]

  • Eric Paslay live at the Central Wisconsin County Fair
  • Eric Paslay live at the Central Wisconsin County Fair

Ok, We Need To Talk About A Guy Named Eric

We don't often write about music and bands (although we will always bring up Poets of the Fall if anyone asks how we met or what our favorite bands are), but yesterday something so great happened that [...]

A Quick Hello From The Road!

Hello from the road! We're currently somewhere between Cleveland and Chicago, heading to Milwaukee to stay at a friends' house for the next few days. Satu's doing a LOT of driving today (and has already done [...]

  • Les Misérables filming location in London

This Majestic Filming Location For Thor, Les Mis & More Needs Your Help!

Remember when we wrote about one of the most popular filming locations in the UK? The place where many, many fantastic films were shot? Doing our thing at the Old Royal Naval College. We're [...]

  • A herd of Icelandic horses

From Rainy Iceland To Sunny Hot Boston

Today we've left Iceland for USA and are currently sitting on a friend's couch somewhere in Rhode Island. We've had bad luck with both the weather and wifi so far, so it's been quite impossible to [...]

  • Icelande: Húnaver's gatekeeper

First Time Ever In Iceland!

We're in Iceland, WE'RE IN ICELAND! We arrived super early on Saturday morning, but we've been such busy bees on the road that we didn't have much time for updates or wifi hunting until now. Anyway, here's [...]

  • Gishwhes 2016: Ye olde tymes Stormtrooper
  • Gishwhes 2016: Castiel New Year's Celebration
  • Gishwhes 2016: 100 Noses on your wall

A Few Gishwhes Photos To Make You Smile

So, the Greatest Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen is officially over and we're battling severe post gish depression... but looking at everyone's Gishwhes photos certainly helps! (What is Gishwhes?) Here's what Fangirl Quest and our faithful [...]

  • Pokemon Go bus day trips now running from Nilsiä, Finland!

A Bus Company Is Organizing PokemonGO Hunting Trips To Bigger Cities!

This is amazing, you guys! A small town bus company in Finland is organizing PokemonGO hunting trips for kids (and similar-minded adults) to the surrounding, bigger cities. They've even created this incredible piece of visuals to [...]

  • GISHWHES 2013 Stonehenge

Crazy, Fantastic, International: Gishwhes 2016 Launches This Week!

The madness begins again on this week's Saturday! A crazy, wonderful, international scavenger hunt starts again, and thousands of people around the world are spending their following 7 days taking peculiar photos and shooting really odd [...]

  • Travel photo tips: A lovely, foggy day on Highway 1, California (2014)
  • Travel photo tips: Beautiful Florence, filming location for Hannibal
  • People climbing on top of the sign for better photos

Photography Tips: How To Take Better Travel Photos

A couple of months ago I was invited to share my photo tips in Canon's Finnish blog. They have a great collection of all sorts of tips and tricks for photographers, both rookies and the more [...]

  • Prisma – Art Filters and Photo Effects for Images, Picture Editor for Instagram
  • Prisma – Art Filters and Photo Effects for Images, Picture Editor for Instagram
  • Prisma – Art Filters and Photo Effects for Images, Picture Editor for Instagram

Ok, So The Prisma Photo App Is Sort Of Cool

This morning, I woke up, had my usual two huge cups of milky coffee and had a quick look on Facebook. Scroll, scroll, scroll... Oh, look at that! A pretty fine painted portrait of my friend. [...]

  • Roadtrip across the USA: crossing a bridge somewhere
  • Roadtrip across the USA: driving into the dust storm
  • Roadtrip across the USA: someone in our rearview mirror

Roadtrips — Why Do We Love Them So Much?

FQ movie roadtrip 2014: Approaching NYC Every now and then, I scroll down on our blog's front page to look at the countdown to one of our biggest roadtrips ever, and a mixture of [...]

  • Peace Palace and beautiful flowers in The Hague
  • A swan / canal cruise in The Hague

Canal Cruises, Good Food And The Amazing Race In The Hague

Our main reason for visiting The Hague in The Netherlands this spring was to celebrate the milestone birthday of two dear friends, but luckily we also had time to take a quick touristy look at the [...]

  • Gillian Anderson in A Street Car Named Desire: West End cheap tickets and stage door tips
  • James McAvoy in The Ruling Class / West End ticket tips
  • Kevin Spacey as Clarence Darrow: West End cheap tickets and stage door tips

London Theatre Tips For TV Fans and Budget Travellers

We've both been into theatre for years and years, even before moving to Wales (and being closer to London's West End), but during our time living in Wales and multiple times of travelling in the UK, we've [...]

  • British guys looking at a Finnish boat at Vesijärvi, Lahti, Finland

Midsummer Traditions With Our British Friends

What a lovely Midsummer weekend and a roadtrip to the Koli National Park we had! Our guests for the week (Karl from Wales and James from England) absolutely loved the Finnish Midsummer traditions. We saw hundreds [...]

  • Tiia and Satu (sort of) lost in the Star Wars forest Puzzlewood
  • Leonardo DaVinci (Tom Riley) in Puzzlewood
  • Galavant (Joshua Sasse) and King Richard (Timothy Omundson) adventuring through forest Puzzlewood

Puzzlewood: A Magical Star Wars Forest

What is this magical forest that attracts all kinds of talented filmmakers? The makers of Star Wars, Doctor Who and many others, they've all been down to a forest called Puzzlewood to film some of their most [...]

  • Anton Yelchin, dead at 27

Anton Yelchin And Why No-One Should Judge A Mourning Fan

Everyone knows how it goes. A celebrity dies and all the social media platforms explode. News websites, even some people who'd never seen any of their movies or listened to their music, rush into sharing the [...]

  • USA Canada Iceland roadtrip 2016

Roadtrip 2016 Update: 2 Months To Go, So Much To Do!

Preparing for our 8-week roadtrip is slowly starting to feel like a full-time job. Even when we're not googling filming locations, accommodation info and roadtrip packing tips, it feels like I'm spending half my waking hours [...]

  • The Great Movie Roadtrip 2016: a roadtrip to movie locations

Coming up: The Great Movie Roadtrip of 2016!

8 weeks, 4 countries and 10 000 kilometers. In other words: The Great Movie Roadtrip of 2016! We recently published the map and destinations of our upcoming movie and TV roadtrip on our Facebook [...]

  • The event center called Millennium Centre Cardiff and tourists visiting Wales

Geek Out In Cardiff, Wales: Filming Locations & Things To Do

If you're into the BBC fan favourites like Sherlock, Doctor Who and Torchwood, you might want to consider a trip to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. Not only is it currently the home for the incredible [...]

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